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Azure Stack TP3| Can’t create SQL DB Service because SKU is Not Found

i have issue can’t to create SQL DB’s from tenant portal with error SKU is Not Found.But from admin portal we can see the SKU’s  created and able to deploy SQL DB’s. this issue because resource provider Microsoft.SQLAdapter defaultly is NotRegistered on tenant portal so tenant will need to register the resource provider before they will be able to […]

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Cyber Security and why is it important?

Recently I took an online course about ethical hacking. What opened my eyes was not how to hack people’s computer, it was how easy it was to hack into someone’s computer and steal/collect information from it. What is Cyber Security Computer security, also known as cyber security or IT security, is the protection of computer […]

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Azure Stack | Process Deployment stuck on step 0.26 – (NET) Configure NAT and Time Server >> Solved

Process Install Azure Stack TP3 POC stop on step 0.26 – (Net) Configure NAT and Time Server . i not use specific time so server will connect to time.windows.com for sync time , but on this issue VM MAS-DC01 can’t reach to time.windows.com . In these cases you not get the message a warning if process of deployment […]

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Deploy Azure Stack POC Technical Preview 3

Microsoft Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver Azure services from your organization’s datacenter. Adopt hybrid cloud computing on your terms, and meet your business and technical requirements with the right combination of cloud and on-premises deployment models for your needs. Consistent Azure IaaS services go far beyond traditional virtualization. Virtual […]

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IoT in my daily life!

Let’s talk about IoT. What is IoT? In a short IoT is known as Internet of Things. It allows you to control things in the “Cool” way. For example controlling Lights, Fans, Air Conditioners and Thermostat using your voice or an app on your phone at home or on the way back home. “The Internet […]

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Integrating OMS with System Center to Log Analytics

If you have an existing installation of System Center, you can integrate these components with OMS services to provide a hybrid solution for both your on-premise and cloud environments leveraging the relative specialties of each product. Connect your existing Operations Manager management group to Log Analytics to analyze managed agents in the cloud.  Integrating with […]

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