[SCOM] How to Re-Install Reporting Server for SCOM

Hi! Last time, my customer contact me and raised the issue regarding their SCOM  Reporting server. They told me their SCOM not producing report. Before re-install, make sure backup SCOM MP that contain the custom reports. Let start the configurations! Step 1: Uninstall SCOM Reporting Server Features 1.  Open Control Panel and click on Programs […]

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[SCOM] How to Override Existing Rules

From the existing post on [SCOM] Create Monitor Based on Event Viewer Log, we can see this request  to monitor few custom applications wherein they wanted to monitor Event IDs. As per configuration on [SCOM] Create Monitor Based on Event Viewer Log, SCOM will monitor all the servers. So in this post, I will show […]

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[Windows 10] Multilingual Image Creation & Deployment using DISM

Mount install.wim & adding language pack 1. Run the Deployment & Imaging Tools as administrator. 2.  Get info I. Get info if the Wim File. Type command : Dism /Get-WIMInfo /WimFile:C:my_distributionsourcesinstall.wim II. Mount the Wim file according to the Image name. Type command:Dism /LogPath:C:DismLogsMountOSInstallWim.log /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:my_distributionsourcesinstall.wim /Name:”Windows 10 Pro” /MountDir:C:testoffline 3. Add Language Pack. Type […]

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[HyperV] How to enable Hyper-V in Windows 10?

Hi Guys, This is related to my previous post (https://malvinjacob.blogspot.my/2018/05/creating-virtual-machine-from-windows.html) In order to create a Virtual Machine from Windows 10 Hyper V, we’ll first need to enable it from the windows features. Follow below step in case your machine does not have the Hyper-V enabled. Step 1:Search for “Turn Windows Feature On or Off” from […]

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