Cireson Portal: Custom Form and Troubleshooting

Cireson Portal did provided a good portal interface for System Center Service Manager (SCSM). Of course customer always requested to add new custom fields into work item form like Incident, Service Request and Change Request.
I’ve done this couple of times but my brain is getting older and forgetful. Alright let write it down here for future quick reference.
This is the expected result : 

In order to display Type Of Change on Change Request form, new line 22 is added into ChangeRequest.js

The actual line of script here:

{ DataType: “Enum”, PropertyDisplayName: “Type of Change”, PropertyName: “TypeofChange”, EnumId: ‘aebf24d4-a7ac-3180-e5b3-cd34c86f03b2’, Required: true }

The key here are PropertyName and EnumID. 
By using PowerShell command Get-SCSMEnumeration, EnumID can be search by Name.

Get-SCSMEnumeration -name TypeofChange | select Displayname, name, id

Issue 1: Task Tower 1 field is display value Test in SCSM Console, but portal show blank.

{ DataType: “Enum”, PropertyDisplayName: “Tower”, PropertyName: “Enum.Change.TaskTower1”,EnumId: ’90f2bc75-7681-9b57-33ef-d9aa5d2e2db8′, Required: true}

Remember! Name that return from Get-SCSMEnumeration is not PropertyName. 

We need to find out the PropertyName from Management Pack.
After updated the correct PropertyName
{ DataType: “Enum”, PropertyDisplayName: “Tower”, PropertyName: “TaskTower1”,EnumId: ’90f2bc75-7681-9b57-33ef-d9aa5d2e2db8′, Required: true}
The correct value is shown on portal now.

Issue 2: After confirmed the PropertyName and EnumID, portal still not display the dropdown list item.
Don’t forget to Recycle Application Pool.
If you need more detail on other form field, below are pages you should visit:
Thank you and please comment if you have any question

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