​Don’t Compromise Your Document Security

Data theft by employees is on the rise. Don’t be the next victim of it.

Biscom, a provider of secure communications tools for regulated industries uncovered some shocking numbers in their research. Employees from across all company sizes admitted to taking important company data and information when they left. More specifically:

  • ​85 percent of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had created.
  • 30 percent of employees admitted to taking company documents and information they had not personally created.

The research was particularly concerning for startups that retain and manage intellectual property and sensitive customer data closely. The study found that:

  • ​25 percent of employees reported taking source code and patent filings.
  • 35 percent of employees took customer data, including names, phone numbers and email addresses.
  • 85 percent admitted to taking company strategy documents and presentations.
  • 20 percent of employees who are terminated in a bad manner indicated they would be more likely to take data out of anger and would be more likely to pass it to a competitor.
  • 90 percent of respondents indicated that the primary reason for the data theft upon departure was due to the fact that their employer did not have a policy or technology in place to prevent them from doing it.

​InProtect your intellectual property now before it’s too late.

  • ​Ensuring the protection of your documents from leakage through mobile and carelessness
  • ​Right protect your office documents to prevent unauthorised recipients
  • ​Secure mobile applications from authorised copying out of documents
  • ​Integration with email and Office 365
  • ​Remove company data from resigned employees while keeping their personal data intact
  • ​Access real-time reports on audit of document access
  • ​Ensuring healthy service using real-time monitoring
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