It’s Too Late To Call For Help When Disaster Strikes

Spilling a cup of coffee over your keyboard is a nuisance.

Now imagine when the force of nature strikes… Floodwater creeps into your datacenter and cripples your hardware.

Or,​​ your friendly neighbourhood mouse decides to pay a visit, snack on some of your hardware…

​You need to be ready for the worst because you cannot afford any downtime for your business.

Our Infrontiers can be the guardians of your data by making sure your business is inContinuum - no downtime even when disaster strikes.

  • ​​A hassle-free service to ensure your business continues without disruption in a disaster
  • ​Backup your servers and critical data
  • ​Cloud-based Disaster Recovery to reduce infrastructure maintenance cost
  • ​Ensuring your backup and DR is healthy through real-time monitoring
  • ​Execution of Test Disaster Recovery up to 2 times a year
  • ​Restoration of backup on-demand
  • ​Provided Disaster Recovery working site with full desktop and office facilities (printing, panetry,etc) of up to 5 days in a year.

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