​Full Mobility and Control For Your Business

​inMobility helps enterprises manage mobile devices and safeguard data from potential leakage or security breaches.

​The core pillars of Mobile Device Management include (MDM) policy enforcement and management, inventory management, security management and software distribution, all essential aspects to protecting business information assets.

Industries that deal heavily with sensitive data such as the healthcare industry runs the risk of data breaches and careless data management. Medical professionals are increasingly accessing and sharing sensitive data across mobile devices owned personally or by the company, making it crucial for IT managers to have management and safety measures in place to protect the company from violating any private data policies.

​Our Mobile Device Management services ensure that:

  • ​Your devices are secure
  • ​Limit access to sensitive information only to authorised parties
  • ​Ensure communications between devices are secure
  • ​No interception over wireless connectivity tools
  • ​No interference from questionable third-party applications
  • ​Management during loss or theft of mobile device

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