Power Automate: Proper Case String Workaroud

There is Proper functions in Power Apps to converts any first letter of a word to Uppercase.

But there is no Proper case function in Power Automate yet. 

Reference to a blog post written by Paul Murana to achieve the same result.

Below is the Input.

and here is the Output.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create Data Operation – Compose to input the string.
  2. Create Control – Apply to each and add Data Operation – Compose inside.
  3. In Apply for Each, using referencing function to call Compose output. Enter Expression below:

    split(outputs(‘Compose’), ‘ ‘)


  4. In Compose – Proper, enter Expression into Inputs as below:

    if(equals(length(item()), 1), toupper(item()), concat(first(toupper(item())), toLower(substring(item(), 1, sub(length(item()), 1)))))


  5. Create Data Operation – Compose for Result.
  6. In Compose – Result, enter Expression into Inputs as below:

    join(outputs(‘Compose_-_Proper’), ‘ ‘)

    1. You have Proper Case function in Power Automate now.

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