PowerApps: Failed to import Solution

Error Message :
Solution “Power Platform Administration Planning” failed to import: SecLib::CheckPrivilege failed. User: 032e13d7-cda3-ea11-a812-000d3a09153d, PrivilegeName: prvCreateEntity, PrivilegeId: 341e3ebf-74b8-4335-84f3-7f617bb7d081, Required Depth: Basic, BusinessUnitId: 6a3d9611-7d04-e911-a985-000d3aa371be, MetadataCache Privileges Count: 5201, User Privileges Count: 1232

The error message doesn’t tell which permission is missing. After granted permission for System Administrator and imported successfully. Below are few permission that you can assign for the user to resolve this.
You require System Administrator or System Customizer and Environment Maker roles to publish the components/solution

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