[SCOM] How to Override Existing Rules

From the existing post on [SCOM] Create Monitor Based on Event Viewer Log, we can see this request  to monitor few custom applications wherein they wanted to monitor Event IDs. As per configuration on [SCOM] Create Monitor Based on Event Viewer Log, SCOM will monitor all the servers. So in this post, I will show how to override the rules and monitor just one particular server. Below shows the steps;

Step 1: Open SCOM Management Console and go to Authoring tab

Step 2: On Authoring, go to Rules and search rules name. E.g. Event Viewer Monitoring


Step 3: Right click on Event Viewer Monitoring rules, and choose Overriders > Override the Rule > For a specific object of class: Windows Computer


Step 4: Choose the object you want to override and click OK. E.g. ICG-AP-SQL01.INFRONTAPAC.local


Step 5: On Override Properties, click on Override as below;



Step 6: Click Apply and OK.

Configuration for Override Rules completed. If you have any issue on this, please email to me. I will help you as soon as possible. Thanks!

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