[SCOM] Override Storage Threshold Monitoring for AS/400 ASP Monitor

It is always important to understand how AS/400 server workload are doing. Getting visibility into our systems allows us to proactively deal with future issues. As an example, monitoring can let us know that we are running out of disk space on one of our volumes so we can prepare all the necessary things before it happens.

One of our customer received an alert as below from their SCOM monitoring system.

Alert: AS/400 ASP Monitor

Resolution Status: New

Alert Descriptions: ASP number 1 on ASCMYPRD is 61 % used.

Source: ASCMYPRD.1.66


Last modified by: System

Last modified time: 6/26/2018 10:11:22 AM

From this alert, we can see that disk utilization for AS/400 environment hits 61% whereby the minimum of the disk utilization set for this server only 60%. Customer request to increase disk utilization as the business are keep growth. Below are the steps how to override the value for AS/400 ASP Monitor.

Step 1: Open SCOM Management Console and click on Authoring tab.

Step 2: Click on Monitors and search monitor called AS/400 ASP Disk Utilization Monitor


Step 3: Open AS/400 ASP Disk Utilization Monitor properties


Step 4: Click on Overrides tab and click View Summary button and choose “For all object of class: AS/400 ASP Disk Utilization”



Step 5: On Override Summary, choose the Effective Value = 60 and click Edit. We need to change this value to 68.


Step 6:  Change the override value from 60 to 68 and click Apply. Then click OK



Step 7: Verify the Effective Value in the Overrides Summary


Overriding configuration for AS/400 ASP Disk Utilization monitor completed. Verify the Alert on the SCOM management console.

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